Monday, February 29, 2016

Motor Monday slightly

So, the area where I work has several MRAPs. You know, the big military truck. Or, if you don't know, these.

Apparently on Friday, one of my coworkers new to the company was driving home, and was passed by a convoy of them. He snapped a picture of one of them. Another one of them then sideswiped him, which was helpfully caught by the dashcam of the squad behind him, and he's totally not at fault. The tires scratched up the side of his car, but the car itself is fine.

Now he gets to engage in the cycle of bureaucracy to try and get some manner of insurance or payment, because the cops were on their way to a raid and couldn't stop beyond a single member going "Yeah ok so I'll file a report but we can't stop call this number Monday bye."

I've seen them myself, I know they've got at least two of them and aren't afraid to bust them out for... I'm not really sure what they're doing that warrants a full on MRAP, there's regions of the area that aren't particularly great but I don't think they warrant quite that much truck...

Monday, February 8, 2016

Lego Cthulu: Horrors for plastic dread.

As a proponent of legos as superb figures for tabletop gaming, I felt the need to share this with what few readers I theoretically have.