Tuesday, April 21, 2015

GURPS: Stabnshoot

GURPS has rules for melee combat. That's mostly simple, other than a few quibbles I've mentioned earlier (such as questionable scaling for high strengths with melee weaponry). It has rules for shooting, even contact shooting (+4 to hit, +2 to target's dodge; telegraphic attack with a gun/crossbow/etc).

What they do not have rules for is jamming a gun into someone and pulling the trigger. Weapons with bayonets, hearty revolvers that don't have problems functioning when you violently jam them into the unfortunate in a punchy pistolwhip, etc.

Should it be treated as a Dual weapon attack/combination? One attack as a melee weapon, then a second followup attack with the gun?
Does it count as the telegraphic attack, if it's linked in with the melee smack? If so, is the second attack at no penalty due to the +4 and -4 cancelling, with the defender getting a +1 to parry after the -1 from two attacks on the same target?
My inclination is to treat it as an all out attack (double) or dual weapon attack combo, without the bonuses and penalties for telegraphic attack as it happens "simultaneously" with the melee strike.

It's likely to come up in any setting where there are big beasties or angry people that want to get all up in your business, even moreso in a setting such as the Metro or Monster Hunter campaigns where CQB and enemies disregarding your personal space are the norm, rather than the exception.

Well Done Wisconsin

No more 48 hour waiting period for pistols.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Motor Monday; Want

I do believe that if I decide to purchase a bike, I've selected the one.

Pictured is the 2013, I'll go for the 2015 NC700x DCT ABS. A bit of alphabet soup, but it's an adventure bike (looks like a sport bike, rides like a standard), known for having superb fuel economy despite a moderately large engine, integral storage space (enough for a full size, full head helmet, or groceries on the way home while said helmet is worn. Bet I can fit a pistol safe in there too). The ones I've seen with add on storage gear, be it tank bags, trunks, or saddlebags, all look pretty nice. The model I want costs a touch more, but has antilock brakes and a dual clutch transmission, so I can set it in auto if I feel lazy (Probably use the Sport setting of auto, then just shift manually unless something goes wrong and I must focus on getting the hell out of dodge). Add on accessories for it include extra fairings and reinforcing for them, and more lights because lights=visibility, even during the day. It's even got a hint of that streetfighter look I dig so much. Technically classed as an adventure bike, it's got a bit more ground clearance and can pull offroad duty.

It's missing the airbag off the goldwing. Good news? that whole thing is one easy assembly, with all the electronics and sensors all in a nice neat little package that will be mighty easy to add. Might add on some sport style freeway/crash bars, because as light and easy to heft around as the thing is (local bike shop has one), I'd still rather it didn't fall on me.

2015 model

Otherwise, the new NM4, which shares all the features I'd want off the NC700x, pushes all kinds of the right style buttons, but costs several thousand more and apparently has less useful storage space than the adventure bike, despite coming with saddle bags AND front fairing storage. I also can't find one to sit on, and at 6'3" before any riding boots, making sure I fit is kind of a big deal, especially for a bike at the absolute top end of what I'd consider spending.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dear every gun parts maker/seller

I appreciate that you offer specifications (sometimes), but it's not particularly helpful when you don't feature weight and that is the specific thing I'm shopping based on.

Going to be late to place my BAG day order to balance this stupid thing out because I'm trying to find a grip to add to the order still and can't tell which I want other than 'well that looks heavier maybe?"

Monday, April 13, 2015

Motor Monday: Steambike and musings


Old fashionedy steam engine, rather than one of the higher end ones (like those in the Stanley Steamer cars, or modern recirculating steam engines). Only 5mph, but it looks fantastic. Still, could probably build one with a bit more performance for the form factor, even if you still ran it on steam.

In other news, a local powersports shop was doing an open house/sale night thing, and I picked up a rather nice motorcycle jacket for relatively cheap. Good reviews and ~$50 off the best price I could find online or so.

This will be my "Scary Motorcycle Jacket" for if I do race days or just go places. If/when I actually buy a bike, I'm picking up one of those inflatable motorcycle vests in day-glow orange and green or something to toss on over it for actual visibility and extra safety, although the armor on this thing and reviews are all pretty fantastic.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sci Fi Saturday: Beware of Humans

I've touched on F*** Yeah Humanity things a few times before, here's me flexing my short-story muscles to keep them from withering, and world building perhaps for the world of the Moon Marines.

Exerpt from a diary home of a Va-Kree Spacer

You have heard of the humanity, yes? Known throughout the sector as perhaps the most frightening thing yet encountered. I tell you, I have met one, and the stories do them little justice. The mighty race that dethroned the fearsome Coqnur as the warrior life form. And yet, perhaps the greatest surprise is how little they look as one might assume. Their hides vary in tone slightly, but are smooth and pleasant to the touch, their bodies both soft and firm... but how I came by that information is for another story. They are without horns or teeth or claws, nor do they possess pincers, nor sting, nor antlers or carapace or any of the sundry defenses much of known space possesses.

I had found my path near to the edge of humanity space, in the zone of the Coqnur. The station was small, with but a simple cantina at which to refresh myself before I continued my journey. A place of questionable repute, it was known as most Coqnur establishments for occasional physical disputes, and was thankfully near to the station's medical bay. Many species passed through, and weaponry was required to be left behind or checked elsewhere. The natural weaponry of a species was permitted, and for the sake of fairness the Earthers were permitted to keep blades. As I was to find, it seemed even the owners were still learning about the humans.

The ship to dock behind that which I arrived on belonged to the humans. They arrived at the cantina shortly after I had, and after a short deliberation of the menu and brief discussion, ordered exceptional quantities of beverages treated by most of the galaxy as an unpleasant right of passage, imbibed only by a few odd specimens and some of the Coqnur, containing ethanol. One among them, a darkly skinned specimen that was larger than the rest seemed to be a warrior, and had a number of blades greater than he had appendages! A single massive piece who's wicked blade could be discerned clearly through the animal-hide covering, and a second pouch of smaller blades with curious handles that looked far too small to be held during use. I was to learn the reason for this later, but gave them a wide berth despite their relatively harmless appearance. It would seem that I was right to do so

After some time, a disagreement of sorts occurred. A small, slender human with long headfur was accosted by a brash Coqnur. Most of the patrons gave them a wide berth, having heard frightening tales of the humans. Bristling with blades and carapace, the young male Coqnur performed a threat display. To everyone's surprise, the far smaller human sent him crashing into the bar with a deft movement I could not see from my distant vantage. By the time he arose, so too had the warrior caste human, holding those odd blades, several backwards in one hand, with a single poised in a curiously tenuous grip. As the Coqnur prepared to attack, the blade flew as a shot across the cantina, to embed in the poor lad! Never have I seen anything thrown so, let alone so oddly shaped of a projectile! The other humans seemed nonplussed, even as the bar reeled in shock. Could it be that all humans can hurl objects with such might and precision that most races require a weapon to match?!

As I write to you, I am aboard the humans ship, with the young Coqnur no less! There will be many tales to be had, but know this; The humans are not so bad, but the terror stories you have heard of their deeds are all true.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Parts Cost

Been looking to beef up my AR-15 so it balances properly, and looking at one of the Magpul stocks (the UBR). Was kind of flabbergasted at the price, compared with other stocks, such as the $30 magpul one that I have now. Until I remembered that the UBR includes the $90-at-the-cheapest buffer, as well. Still pricier, but not so bad. Should have taken the advice, buy once cry once (at the time I hadn't seen the UBR, and didn't realize how ludicrously frontheavy my AR would be).

On the plus side, in addition to generally being a better stock (more cheek weld, sturdier, balance), you can buy an aluminum toothed strike plate for it. I want one, because reasons.

Thankfully, the flatmate is looking to begin building his own AR.

Edited because McThag complained of the lack of pictures of something I don't yet have to take pictures of, and was planning to do when it actually arrives. Here's what it'll look like when it arrives before it's mounted.

And with the strike plate

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

GURPS Monster Hunter

Wound up with a 3DS recently, and a copy of Monster Hunter 4. Everybody who played has always told me I'd like the series, and it turns out they were right. Finally I have motivation for a fantasy campaign again that is actual low tech. And while there's a lot of custom equipment, it's not THAT custom.

It's interesting, contemplating how the development of weaponry would differ if our primary enemy as a species wasn't ourselves. If monsters the size of elephants were the norm rather than a frightening rarity, we'd no doubt have a whole slew of different weapons. We've developed large weapons for as long as we've been able, but no doubt we'd have put extra effort in with suitable foes to motivate us.

Ludicrously massive weaponry abounds in the Monster Hunter world, but at the small ends it's quite readily handled by completely stock GURPS rules; instead of large or knives as a sidearm, you carry a kukri/falchion/shortsword. Going sword and board? You have a broadsword or bastard sword instead of the shortsword that was the somewhat standard companion of shields for much of history. Spear and shield is still around and quite effective. The perk for Weapon Strength (counts only towards avoiding penalties due to low strength and benefits of high strength for things like one-handing a two-handed weapon, etc)

The first weapon shown is the old fashioned sword and board. Nothing of any difficulty or interest there, other than the possibility of making one from a giant monster's tooth or tail or whathaveyou.

Next up is among the most famous of the weapons from Monster Hunter, the so-called Greatsword. I'm inclined to have it use the 2hd Axe/Mace skill, and Very Unwieldy. High strength and it hits like a truck. You can also hold it in a defensive grip and use the Block skill with it and get a sizeable defense bonus. It is less a sword, than a bludgeon with a wedge for an edge. Telegraphic attacks are rather common to put enough momentum on it to actually swing.

After that is the warhammer. Larger than normal, but nothing really worth noting. The Maul and Great Club and so on serve well enough, bigger ones with more ridiculous strength requirements aren't hard to make.

Sword and Lance. The lance is basically just used as a spear, and in some instances IS just a spear. Other than possibly making an even larger Monster Hunting spear from the various ones listed (such as the boar spear, which is itself already a beefier spear). Not shown is a more aggressive version, called the Gunlance. I'll find a vid of that. A lot of them fold or telescope to save space when put away.

Next up is the Longsword, basically an odachi. To use it in GURPS, it's just a greatsword, or a slashing greatsword (+1 cut, -1 thrust), and maybe use the rules out of Dungeon Fantasy for making oversized weapons. Rules as written play in here just fine. 

The Bowgun is, as far as I can tell, a TL5 or 6 pump shotgun, built at TL4(?). There's a lot of fairly intricate technical stuff that shows up in the series, but based on vehicles and stuff, it's probably a definite fantasy TL4, for TL4+1 or so at least. There's also a Heavy Bowgun, which is a larger, heavier bowgun. All of them shoot slugs by default, and you can load specialty ammo for elemental effects, things like bola shot, and buckshot. Big, fat, slow moving, heavy rounds? Sounds like a shotgun. Bows are also a thing, with ludicrous large knife to shortsword sized arrows that can be wielded in melee combat as such, but not shown in this vid. Ones in my world would come with a bayonet or striking area standard, because giant monsters trying to get up close.

Last up is the Switch Axe. A big two handed axe, the rear blade can fold up and over as the front of the axe blade slides down to turn it into somewhere between a greatsword and a longsword. All methods of achieving this are fairly complex, but reasonably doable. GURPS terms, probably a couple ready maneuvers to switch between forms, possibly with a chance of jamming (fast draw roll to switch faster?) Another weapon that works similar but in reverse is the Charge Blade, which is a sword and shield, but the shield can attach to the sword to make ludicrous axe. discussed later.

Now, on to stuff that didn't get shown. 

The Gunlance. Essentially a bangstick with a bayonet. The chamber is loaded with rounds like the fancy, super-flash ones Hollywood uses to make ridiculous muzzle flash, for the purpose of blowing things apart. I see no reason you couldn't have a gunlance just have a proper shotgun in it, same as the bowgun, and it's just harder to use by virtue of being made for one-handed use.

Other than a few oddities like the spread-shot, the bow doesn't do anything you wouldn't expect. other than be ENORMOUS. Behold. 
I'm thinking just a longbow, or compound longbow, with those heavy arrows trading range for damage over regular broadheads. Also, you can use them to stab and slash, because it's large by the standards of spears, let alone arrows.

The charge blade is a large shield with a mating sword. Used separately, it's sword and board as standard. Attach the shield to the sword, and it's a huge greataxe. More practical than the switch axe in that it actually comes with some defense when not in ludicrous axe mode. 

Another weapon is the Hunting Horn. Basically a giant instrument that can be used as a bludgeon, it's just a musical hammer. I'd treat it as a means for magic-based music, or have one that similarly had syntactic magic runes built into it to be adjusted and used by the wielder, per Thaumatology. 

There's also the insect glaive, but it's basically just another spear/polearm with a handy dandy helperbug. I'd probably not bother to make it its own thing, and just have the lances/spears usable without a shield. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Buy A Gun Day

It's coming moderately fast. I like to plan my purchases in advance, so time to start pondering. I've bought a lot of guns this past season, so I'm willing to call those my acquisitions for the year.

On the other hand, I've got a fancy new job making decent money, and there's always things on the list. Wouldn't mind picking up something smallish, mayhaps.

Things on the list include
5.56 ammo. Got the AR-15 (that still needs to be rebalanced to actually be comfy to use. Too heavy with the super dissipator forend and ultralight grip and stock), but not a single round to feed it with.
AR-15 mods, to balance the thing (see above)
AK pistol, in 5.45 or 7.62, because I love me some stupid tinyguns. A mare's leg magnum also fills this role, as does the PLR-16 which is both moderately regularly available as far as Kel-Tec's go (because stupid), and something I've held and liked.
.22lr pistol, because practice. Or a glock conversion barrel if there are any that aren't terrible
A new cleaning kit, because I could stand to give my guns some TLC and my old standard kit, while it technically fills all necessary roles, does so just barely.