Monday, April 13, 2015

Motor Monday: Steambike and musings

Old fashionedy steam engine, rather than one of the higher end ones (like those in the Stanley Steamer cars, or modern recirculating steam engines). Only 5mph, but it looks fantastic. Still, could probably build one with a bit more performance for the form factor, even if you still ran it on steam.

In other news, a local powersports shop was doing an open house/sale night thing, and I picked up a rather nice motorcycle jacket for relatively cheap. Good reviews and ~$50 off the best price I could find online or so.

This will be my "Scary Motorcycle Jacket" for if I do race days or just go places. If/when I actually buy a bike, I'm picking up one of those inflatable motorcycle vests in day-glow orange and green or something to toss on over it for actual visibility and extra safety, although the armor on this thing and reviews are all pretty fantastic.

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