Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday Gunday, some actually real-gun related content: Vice is Terrible edition

So, Vice, the most trustworthy of sites, partnered with the most unbiased source of The Trace to write an article about how guns are really the worst, ever, forever. I would love to give you a nice rundown and debunking, but it honestly hurts to read because there's so much shit science. Pretty much every statement is "We started with the assumption that guns were awful, and then when we looked we could find reasons to pin all ills upon them"

Having places that became more gun-friendly have less decline in crime doesn't mean ZOMG GUNS FUEL CRIMINALS, It might just be related to the fact that most of those places that kept their gun laws strict are contributing most of the crime.

Just... Have a read, if you can tolerate this much obvious bullshit packaged from an ivy league school that wishes you'd accept that you are a vile heathen and should submit to their will.