Monday, April 20, 2015

Motor Monday; Want

I do believe that if I decide to purchase a bike, I've selected the one.

Pictured is the 2013, I'll go for the 2015 NC700x DCT ABS. A bit of alphabet soup, but it's an adventure bike (looks like a sport bike, rides like a standard), known for having superb fuel economy despite a moderately large engine, integral storage space (enough for a full size, full head helmet, or groceries on the way home while said helmet is worn. Bet I can fit a pistol safe in there too). The ones I've seen with add on storage gear, be it tank bags, trunks, or saddlebags, all look pretty nice. The model I want costs a touch more, but has antilock brakes and a dual clutch transmission, so I can set it in auto if I feel lazy (Probably use the Sport setting of auto, then just shift manually unless something goes wrong and I must focus on getting the hell out of dodge). Add on accessories for it include extra fairings and reinforcing for them, and more lights because lights=visibility, even during the day. It's even got a hint of that streetfighter look I dig so much. Technically classed as an adventure bike, it's got a bit more ground clearance and can pull offroad duty.

It's missing the airbag off the goldwing. Good news? that whole thing is one easy assembly, with all the electronics and sensors all in a nice neat little package that will be mighty easy to add. Might add on some sport style freeway/crash bars, because as light and easy to heft around as the thing is (local bike shop has one), I'd still rather it didn't fall on me.

2015 model

Otherwise, the new NM4, which shares all the features I'd want off the NC700x, pushes all kinds of the right style buttons, but costs several thousand more and apparently has less useful storage space than the adventure bike, despite coming with saddle bags AND front fairing storage. I also can't find one to sit on, and at 6'3" before any riding boots, making sure I fit is kind of a big deal, especially for a bike at the absolute top end of what I'd consider spending.

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