Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sci Fi Saturday: Beware of Humans

I've touched on F*** Yeah Humanity things a few times before, here's me flexing my short-story muscles to keep them from withering, and world building perhaps for the world of the Moon Marines.

Exerpt from a diary home of a Va-Kree Spacer

You have heard of the humanity, yes? Known throughout the sector as perhaps the most frightening thing yet encountered. I tell you, I have met one, and the stories do them little justice. The mighty race that dethroned the fearsome Coqnur as the warrior life form. And yet, perhaps the greatest surprise is how little they look as one might assume. Their hides vary in tone slightly, but are smooth and pleasant to the touch, their bodies both soft and firm... but how I came by that information is for another story. They are without horns or teeth or claws, nor do they possess pincers, nor sting, nor antlers or carapace or any of the sundry defenses much of known space possesses.

I had found my path near to the edge of humanity space, in the zone of the Coqnur. The station was small, with but a simple cantina at which to refresh myself before I continued my journey. A place of questionable repute, it was known as most Coqnur establishments for occasional physical disputes, and was thankfully near to the station's medical bay. Many species passed through, and weaponry was required to be left behind or checked elsewhere. The natural weaponry of a species was permitted, and for the sake of fairness the Earthers were permitted to keep blades. As I was to find, it seemed even the owners were still learning about the humans.

The ship to dock behind that which I arrived on belonged to the humans. They arrived at the cantina shortly after I had, and after a short deliberation of the menu and brief discussion, ordered exceptional quantities of beverages treated by most of the galaxy as an unpleasant right of passage, imbibed only by a few odd specimens and some of the Coqnur, containing ethanol. One among them, a darkly skinned specimen that was larger than the rest seemed to be a warrior, and had a number of blades greater than he had appendages! A single massive piece who's wicked blade could be discerned clearly through the animal-hide covering, and a second pouch of smaller blades with curious handles that looked far too small to be held during use. I was to learn the reason for this later, but gave them a wide berth despite their relatively harmless appearance. It would seem that I was right to do so

After some time, a disagreement of sorts occurred. A small, slender human with long headfur was accosted by a brash Coqnur. Most of the patrons gave them a wide berth, having heard frightening tales of the humans. Bristling with blades and carapace, the young male Coqnur performed a threat display. To everyone's surprise, the far smaller human sent him crashing into the bar with a deft movement I could not see from my distant vantage. By the time he arose, so too had the warrior caste human, holding those odd blades, several backwards in one hand, with a single poised in a curiously tenuous grip. As the Coqnur prepared to attack, the blade flew as a shot across the cantina, to embed in the poor lad! Never have I seen anything thrown so, let alone so oddly shaped of a projectile! The other humans seemed nonplussed, even as the bar reeled in shock. Could it be that all humans can hurl objects with such might and precision that most races require a weapon to match?!

As I write to you, I am aboard the humans ship, with the young Coqnur no less! There will be many tales to be had, but know this; The humans are not so bad, but the terror stories you have heard of their deeds are all true.


  1. Give them a wide berth. They have a song where they celebrate the atmospheric use of what we can only assume to be nuclear "bombs" merely to ascertain if a flag is still present at a defended position.

  2. They even brag about the illumination qualities of their nuclear devices, "bright as the [ZZ9 Z'sA]!"