Friday, June 20, 2014

Student Loans

Much has been posited about the problems with and caused by the current student loan scheme.

I'm sure all one of you who might possibly read this have read, if not written such things.

Regardless, I've got some, a fairly nice new car's worth (in fact, right about the base price of all the hot-hatch-or-equivalents that I'm looking at down the line). Tomorrow, my grace period ends. This is not a problem.

Why? Because engineer. I solve practical problems. And that pays fairly well. Still only a contract worker, but now I have work experience and positive references, at an extremely regulation heavy industry (We design medical tools. LOTS of paperwork and paper trails, more than just about any other industry I'm likely to hit as a newer engineer), so I should be fine to take care of these. The payments aren't bad, either.

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