Monday, March 16, 2015

Motor Monday: Motorcycle Wants

Between my own engineering capabilities and safety innovations by others that are not yet mainstream, I've decided that I will be purchasing a motorcycle at some point in the future. I've managed to work myself out of a job (again) so it'll be a bit, but I've got a while ahead of me yet.

Still, lists of wants and needs are always handy when selecting from a broad, pre-existing market.

Airbag (add on or integral)
skid bars/freeway bars (possibly custom for added protection).
Anti-lock brakes (skidding is bad. skidding with only two wheels is worse)
Engine no larger than 700cc, 400-600cc preferable (I'm not small and I'm not light, but I'm not insane either. Well, that last one is arguable, but it doesn't apply to crazy horsepower at least)
Minimum top speed of 90 (when horsepower is all you have to get out of a bind, you'd better have enough. I'm good at keeping power from getting me into trouble, preferring to use it to keep me out)

Extensive armor, preferably including an airbag jacket/vest, and a full face helmet (already owned, but maybe a nicer one eventually...)

Dual headlights
Driveshaft preferable to chain/belt drive
Integral Storage
Automatic transmission/dual clutch transmission
Heated seat
headed handlebars
Fairing questionable? Can't decide if I like them or not
External storage compatible

A lot of these are fairly standard, some are near impossible to find and I'll need to add. A large combination of them point towards something at least fairly new, although given my habit of driving vehicles older than I am "new" is a rather relative term.

And one of the prettiest bikes to probably blame for my fondness for motorcycles, even if it looked nowhere near as good in game

The Hardy-Daytona, a clearly Harley Davidson imitation from Final Fantasy 7, which I played/watched when I was but a wee lad. That's a mean looking cruiser, and I dig it.

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