Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tech Tuesday: VR Accessories

Something came across my Facebook feed that reminded me of all the VR accessories that came and went way ahead of their time (Lookin' at you, Novint, with your sweet haptic feedback sleeves) and are now becoming Actually Relevant.

The Hardlight VR suit. In GURPS UltraTech, this is a Basic VR suit. The current gloves/controllers and mask setup that's popular is Glove VR.

http://www.hardlightvr.com/ Adds torso tracking, and a bit of vibratory haptic feedback to let you know what's happening beyond things that touch your hands.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/morgansinko/hardlight-vr-suit-dont-just-play-the-game-feel-it and of course the inevitable kickstarter.

Combined with the Virtuix Omni 360 treadmill (It's actually a person-sized touchpad with slippy shoes, essentially, rather than an actual treadmill), you're pretty well set for VR adventures.

That set me searching.
The Axon VR suit. Full VR, it provides haptic feedback and even resistance to motion if there's a virtual object in the way.

Meanwhile, the future continues to arrive with the Multimedia Wall. Sorry, the LG OLED Wallpaper TV. For providing the external view without being large enough to be in the way and get smacked while you're off in a digital world.

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