Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Greetings and Salutations

Howdy folks. I've lurked around blogs for a while, commenting rarely, but have finally decided to metaphorically toss my hat into the ring (I wouldn't toss my actual hat into the ring, it's a nice hat).

For the moment, you can just call me Unknown, until I decide which of my numerous-but-related online names I feel like using.

I'll mostly be discussing guns and games (particularly GURPS). I'd say 40% guns, 40% games, and 20% whatever else I feel like.

And now, I begin casting my ramblings into the fickle tides of the internet.


  1. Well, when your comments show as "unknown" it's hard to tell where you're at!

    But found you I did.

    1. Until the 29th, there wasn't anywhere for me to be found at. Once I figure out this whole "blog" thing, I'll probably switch my name up into one of my usual aliases as I get stuff nailed down. Even then, 'Unknown' has something of a nice ring to it, kind of like 'Nobody'.