Thursday, October 31, 2013

Obligatory Halloween Post

I may be new at this, but that doesn't mean I'm exempt from the laws of intertubes. I've got a blog, I'm therefore required to post something about it being Halloween on Halloween. My apartment is on a weird side street and never has kids around, and there's nowhere interesting to go, or I'd actually be doing Halloween things. I also don't have access to materials for my costume, but I will by this weekend. Maybe I'll post a picture if I get it done (it'll be worn for conventions and such as well, because why not).

In a related matter, anybody know where you can buy straps? Think backpack straps, the type you use to tighten stuff down. Need enough to strap cardboard body armor all over myself, space marine armor style. Going to see if I can figure out a folding full-head helmet, think I've got a plan for it that should work.

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