Friday, November 1, 2013

The Buck Stops Where?

Just a thought on recent politics. The president and his administration keep getting into scandals, and inevitably it will be proclaimed that Barry O wasn't aware of it, so it can't be his fault.

This is incorrect. The Buck Stops Here, as they say. As the head of the executive branch, it is his JOB to know what the rest of the executive branch is doing. He is either responsible because he knew about it and didn't stop it (if not ordered it in the first place), or responsible because he failed in his duty to know what the executive branch is doing. Either way, he is at fault.

Pick one: incompetent figurehead who doesn't know anything about what his government is doing, or a petty tyrant using the force of government against anybody he doesn't care for and then lying poorly about it, or some combination thereof. It's kind of hard to see any other options. 

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