Saturday, November 2, 2013

Self-imposed-challenge Costuming Project

Trying to whip up a folding/collapsible helmet, ala those carried by Dead Space RIGs.
Found one or two Folding bike helmets but they aren't the full-head space combat helmet that I want. I could make something with tons of parts, but of course I have to complicate things by setting the personal requirement of it being simple and sturdy. I can make a regular, non-folding helmet really easily, but I want this for conventions and such things where I'll be wearing the costume for long periods of time, so I can take the helmet off and stash it on my costume. I'm one of those weird people who's almost more comfortable wearing large amounts of clothing and/or armor and would be perfectly happy to wear my costume the whole day of whatever I'm at.

Ultimate goal for the costume is a combination of these two (the guy on the right for the second link).

Pictures will be forthcoming when I have something worth sharing.

It's also part of a personal project of trying to move humanity towards spacefaring capability; one of my beliefs for humanity as a spacefaring species is that we're going to need daily-wear spacesuits (Skinsuits, in GURPS parlance, basically space underwear. Put a helmet on it and you can go into vacuum, but it has no radiation shielding or other things you'd need for space, just enough to keep you from dying on the odd hull breach), and some manner of compact helmet to go with it. Space is a bad place to be, but we've had basic compression spacesuits since the 50s or so, so I predict it not being that much longer before we figure it out properly. The problem then remains helmets that aren't an obnoxious 1' sphere to lug around whenever you don't need it. Some kind of high strength plastic bag would probably work for EDC emergency use, but you'd want something sturdier if the odd jaunt into space is a routine possibility.

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