Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Miscellaneous Ponderings

This whole "blogging" thing is kind of interesting, blogger is at least quite useful for keeping tabs on everybody I read (Until now, I've just had a favorites folder full of blogs). Still figuring out how to use it, there's a tab of comments and I'm suspicious of trying to delete the notifications lest I accidentally delete the comments themselves.

I have no idea if anyone actually reads this other than possibly occasionally Angus McThag (Hi McThag!). The view meter keeps gradually ticking up, so that's at least something.

I'm not exactly surprised, I'm not particularly interesting; haven't had any of my big insightful posts on anything to put here since I started it, and everyone else has pretty much everything I could say already covered. I think I've got one brewing though, that will probably find its way here when my brain isn't fried by midterms.


I miss playing music. Back in the day I was a fairly prolific musician, played piano, baritone, trombone, and even a bit of cello. Haven't played anything while I've been off at college, but now I'm thinking I want to get back into it. I've got access to a "learn guitar" kit we got my dad that he hasn't used, but it guitar seems pretty common. Right now I'm leaning towards picking up the concertina.


Poi spinning is interesting and can be beautiful to watch. It also stands out to me as reminding me of firebending, ala the Avatar series (animated show, not movie). I think I shall A) work out a way to have dance-limited dex-based magic in GURPS to replicate bending, and B) learn to spin poi myself, because I've always been good at spinning stuff.


Somehow, in tabletop RPGs I always wind up playing the group's face, even when I'm the low charisma dwarf surrounded by bards and sorcerers and whatnot. I'm not particularly socially adept, yet I always seem to be more able to ask the right questions, and can even roleplay it right for my character. I'm not sure if it's just that everyone else who plays games is even worse at socializing than I am (a lot of members of the gaming club are hilariously stereotypical for gamers), if it's from practice as a GM, or just that I'm a fairly capable roleplayer. Regardless, I feel like at some point I need to make a character that ISN'T a grumpy anti-socialite.

In another gaming related matter, I've played a lot of dwarves in various campaigns, yet I've never once used an axe. I'm always the cleric, saving people from horrible gruesome deaths, except when they're suicidally idiotic (and it isn't for lack of trying).

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