Saturday, November 23, 2013


A post by the Adaptive Curmudgeon on the topic of downtime set me to thinking, as many of his posts do. Read the whole thing, it's written in his usual amusing style.

My comment set me thinking, and I decided that it warranted being expanded into its own post over here for the few people who appear to stop by occasionally to read my ramblings.

Downtime is necessary but dangerous in excess (as are many things). Too much and you fall into a lethargic routine every bit as draining as overwork, which saps you of motivation and capability. I’ve found the few minutes of mind clearing meditation before martial training to be an excellent thing. Downtime should be treated similarly, and I’m quite partial to Eric’s suggestions for tasks to occupy the body and mind during this meditation.

Eric's suggestion was, for reference, with regards to using Wednesday as a day of rest
Eric Wilner says:
If you observe the Sabbath on Woden’s Day, try using some of the time for weapons practice and maintenance, and reading (optionally writing) poetry.
For the appropriateness of other activities (tending chickens, &c.), consult the Hávamál.

I like to plan my New Year's resolutions in advance. A usual one is to reach physical condition capable of meeting the entry standards of most special forces teams (always good to have goals, right? I can usually get pretty close before college gets in the way and I wind up slipping out of shape). I think this next year will include managed, purposeful downtime, as a routine part of my life after graduation.

I'm rather partial to martial meditation, so I think my day of rest will be dedicated to physical and martial training, but I can't afford to neglect my mind. A few hours of reading and/or drawing will also be useful, but I think I need something to continue training my mind. I may test out one of the various brain-training games.

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