Monday, November 18, 2013

Dissipator or Equivalent

With the wide variety of AR-15s out on the market, one particular type has caught my eye. Something about the long forend on the compact frame just appeals to me. However, it also poses a problem. See, based on my research dissipators were real popular back before there were decent red dots and such available, and not so much any more. Having something be popular before I was even born, but not popular enough to result in a large available stock of used guns, doesn't really help me any.

Why do I want one so bad? Well, as people are so fond of saying, why not? Unless you demand people justify their M4geries, I think I can get away with wanting a dissipator; if you DO demand people justify their m4geries, don't you have better things to do? Wait, no, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.

Anyway. I like the extended sight radius, because I'm reasonably good with irons. I plan to have this be my 'work-a-day' rifle, such as it is; this'll be what I grab should a rifle be needed. I'll throw a basic red dot with laser on it (I saw one that had both and was really well reviewed, and don't remember what it was anymore), and use the longer sight radius for precision shooting the old fashioned way. Maybe throw a VFG and a light on it, a nice simple collapsible stock (teaching people to shoot is practically a hobby in and of itself), that sort of thing.

Now the modern version I see everyone talking about is the free floated barrel, but a free floated gun and a basic dissipator are usually in two completely different ballparks in terms of price

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