Tuesday, November 5, 2013


While I was reading through the various books trying to figure out how to balance magic for high-tech combat, I couldn't help but note that utility magic remains incredibly powerful no matter the tech level. I saw a number of things that as I read what they did, pretty much clicked as "Every person in X career will know this at least a bit if they can".

I imagine every last spacer or submariner with any magery would know the create air and purify air spells. Ships of whatever type would kill for an engineseer, who would have the repair/rebuild spells (oh, this critical part snapped in half a million miles from anything? It's better now). The blueprint skill could probably be used as a debug tool to track down breaks that can't be located by standard diagnostics. There's a spell to create fuel or directly power a machine, either as an emergency thing, or just to create the pure, super essence of fuel that's many times better than regular in every way (talk about buying premium fuel). Heck, there's even a haircut spell that can be enchanted into an object to give a certain haircut on demand (and the enchantment itself is pretty cheap).

Methinks I need to start reading GURPS: Traveller, Interstellar Wars and figure out if it's easily compatible with magic, or if I have to use it as a jumping off point. I'd still mostly save the lore as much as possible, simply because I can only figure out the details of an entire world/solar system/galaxy/universe so many times.

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