Saturday, November 30, 2013

End of Movember

It's the end of November/Movember, which means it's time to post mustache/beard progress
Wait, wait, wrong picture. That's from when I grew my beard out, starting amusingly enough immediately AFTER shaving after last movember (was busy in the run-up to finals, and didn't bother to shave, and decided to let it grow).

There we go, that's this November. The chin strip is standard (but needs trimming), and the horseshoe mustache is what I decided to grow this year.

So since my face is now here, allow me to re-introduce myself. You can call me Siege, it's what I usually go by in games, and it's my callsign for my paintball team. I guess I'll fill out marginally more of my blogger profile or something now.

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