Friday, November 29, 2013

Bayonet on a dissipator?

Alternate title: Making things more complicated for myself for the sake of aesthetics.

I'm not sure if I can put a proper bayonet on a dissipator AR-15, by virtue of the long hand guard. I've seen a few dissipator bayonets with sawn-off grips, but that's obnoxious since it's not useful when unmounted and I don't want it always mounted. Nobody makes a rail mount bayonet that isn't ridiculously tiny, which means something else I probably have to make myself because I made things more complicated by getting a dissipator (assuming I opt to get one). I think I'm going to have to develop a non Kel-Tec folding bayonet, designed to fix in place and stay there and still be able to fold. Have a bayonet like one of the various integral folding bayonets, but not tied to the gun's accuracy (Couldn't hit a damn thing with my M44 until I learned that it was zeroed with the bayonet fixed, at which point I started dinging all the gongs).

I've also decided that the SRE/SRP (Simplest Rifle Ever/Simplest Rifle Possible) will have an optional add on of a big freaking integral bayonet.

In an unrelated matter, am I the only one who wants Zerg/Tyrannid/alien death race de jour shooting targets? Screw zombies, I'll practice on ravening alien space hordes any day.

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