Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Oh wait, you're serious? Let me laugh even harder

That is until one or a few them KIA and the suits get stolen, reverse engineered, and we'll have a field of "superheroes" fighting against "superheroes". As the movies have shown us, superhero vs superhero always ends up in mass destruction. Instead of focusing on developing more lethal and potent weapons, we should be heading towards the goal of 100% disarmament globally. Today 2:59am

From the comments on this, http://sploid.gizmodo.com/us-army-wants-to-get-iron-man-suit-for-troops-in-just-f-1467299501 a topic I'm quite fond of. All the other comments immediately point out just how "well" that would actually work, with various degrees of heads in clouds. 

On the other hand, if these things hit the market, I want one. Even if I'm a couple generations behind "top of the line" by the time I can afford it. We're going to need stuff like this to be pretty common if we want to become a space-faring species. If we switch over to spacesuits that don't fight your every motion, the powered exosuit feature isn't quite as vital, although still useful for space-things.

Also have to say, I really like the quality of the animation. I'm pretty sure I've seen better made animations in that style from people just making stuff for fun (and of course plenty at about that level, since not everyone can be great at things).


  1. One of the reasons the research on vacc suits is returning to compression instead of pressure is the freedom of movement. A JEM suit might be ideal if we had something powering those odd sliding spherical joints.

    1. The Great Sage Google deems me unworthy of finding what JEM stands for, and instead opts to show me just standard random space suits, or the musician JEM.

      I definitely agree about the compression space suits, we've had working ones since the 70s, it's just a matter of effort to get them fully usable. Still, I think the old(er) fashioned way of the pressurized suit might retain some usefulness for... something. I can't actually think of anything for which it'd be particularly superior, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone thought of something.