Friday, November 22, 2013

Fancier hearing protection

But still not quite what I want. A tip of the hat to The Firearm Blog, obviously

I want something that's almost exactly this, but is also designed to serve as a daily wear thing. Equipped to work as ear buds on top of hearing protection, and can be used as a phone headset, and other such things.

If I get my collapsible helmet figured out to an extent that's actually USEFUL, I'm going to work on a jacket/suit to go with it that's designed to integrate technology and such (connects to phone/mobile computer, has a flexible screen on the wrist, etc), and part of that will be routine wear ear buds/hearing protection, so it can talk to you without annoying everyone around you. Hopefully by that time, Google Glass will have a less stupid looking, lower profile equivalent (I'm hoping for something that's like a modern bluetooth headset, but with an eyepiece, slim enough to slip into a pocket or what have you).

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