Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fun with Eye Dominance

Based on that title, I'm sure all one of you that might read this are guessing that I have opposite eye/hand dominance. You would be incorrect. What I have is much, much more fun.

I have no dominant eye (Or is it double dominance?). Either way, those tests to determine your dominant eye? Don't work. Right hand always results in right eye dominance, left eye results in left eye dominance. When I do the "point at something with both hands, one hand will be right, the other will be wrong" test, both hands are perfectly on target. I can even switch which eye is acting as dominant, and FEEL it change.

This causes problems. My dominant eye defaults to whichever has the better view of the target. This makes focusing on the front sight with both eyes open very, very difficult, because my eye I'm NOT trying to aim with will take over as dominant, because it can see the front sight without the rear sight in the way. So far the only real way around this I've found is to focus on the target, and superimpose the sight picture into my view as one would with a red dot. It isn't perfect, but when I'm in practice with it I can shoot darn near as accurately as if I have my offhand eye closed.

Just thought I'd share this with whoever happens to read it, since I don't think I've ever heard of or met another person who entirely lacked a dominant eye.

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