Sunday, November 24, 2013


I had something else I was going to write about, and as is usual with me, I can't remember what it is (thought of it while driving, couldn't exactly note it down).

Instead, pants. Why is it that freaking nobody makes decent pants anymore? Scrawny legs run in part of my family, so even despite my best efforts (taekwondo, weightlifting, and running) my legs aren't particularly astonishingly muscular, yet I can't fit into "regular" cut jeans in my size. Back when I was younger, I had a bit less muscle, but I could fit pants that fit well enough that I could swing my foot over my head without fear of tearing anything, even while the ample pockets were stuffed to capacity. Nowadays it's all I can do to find pants loose enough in the thighs and seat to give me the freedom of movement to climb stairs.

Now you can't even find decent hip pockets, let alone pants it's possible to move in. One of my requirements for pants is that I be able to throw a head-level knee without adjusting things around to be sure everything is optimal. All of my older pants used to meet this requirement, but they've long since worn out (got them in high school, have only packed on muscle since then). Only my BDUs and a few rare cargo pants manage to leave me sufficient room to move. It seems that even the smallest amount of leg muscle is more than any of the various regular pants companies designed for. I've seen a lot of Johnny Bravo shaped guys, but not to such a degree that pants intended for people who actually have legs that aren't sticks should be discontinued entirely!

I'm afraid for the sake of my pocketbook that I'll only ever be able to get pants I like by shelling out for duty pants/tactical pants/specialty clothing designed for police, military, and bodyguards to be able to move in, and priced accordingly. If I need to, I will, and an upgrade of wardrobe seems appropriate after graduation from college, but still.

Has anyone else had problems with this, or am I the only person on the planet who actually cares about being able to move while wearing pants?


  1. I used to have your problem (then I got fat).

    Buying two inches too big and wearing a belt was the solution if you wanted affordable jeans. That turned out to be handy later when I started carrying IWB.

    1. Yeah, I tried that (worn belts as a matter of routine since middle school). Bought big deliberately for carrying IWB, then got out of shape due to doctor's order's not to work out, but even back when they fit as I intended them to I still could barely move. I suspect that part of my problem is just being too tall and lean, I can barely find pants in my size as it is, even when buying a bigger waist than I need.

      Part of me looks forward to a wardrobe of tactical pants because they're tough and comfortable, I just don't want to have to PAY for it.