Monday, October 27, 2014

End The List; away game crosspost

A thing from facebook, might as well post here since I haven't rambled about guns in a while.

I'm sure I'm completely opposite the message whoever made this intends to carry it, but I actually agree on the ends, even if we likely disagree on means. Notice something EVERY one of those has in common? If you said "Gun Free Zone", you'd be dead on. They say the definition of insanity is trying to do the same thing over and over and expecting different results. It's not the real definition, but it DOES call into question the sanity of going "Wait, do it again, but HARDER, it'll work THIS time! WAIT WAIT, let's make EVERYWHERE a gun free zone, that'll surely work!"
No, no it won't. CDC's look at guns not long ago showed that there are at least 1.5x as many defensive uses as criminal. Recent FBI study (for all that the way they handled the data is skewed as heck, to the point of invalidating the study) indicates that you're FAR more likely to die by falling off a bicycle than get hit by a mass shooter, so gun control to stop a statistical anomaly? Not a good plan, you'll mostly block lawful users (who may use it to DEFEND themselves), for marginal benefit against trying to stop a technology that is LITERALLY 1000 years old.
Want to know a good plan? Shoot the bad guys. Several of the recent mass shooters specifically passed on larger, easier to access targets in favor of those with the magical "no guns" signs to defend them. Several of them wrote manifestos, or video rants, about how they had to find someplace good and defenseless so they could get a proper body count. There are instances of the bad guy shooting the first person to respond with a gun before they saw there was a gun, seeing the gun AFTERWARDS, and immediately killing themselves. Their power fantasy generally ends the instant they face armed resistance.
Just about every mass shooting, even mass killing (most of which are totally ignored as "local" news, even when they have equal or higher body count than that of ones performed with a gun. No media bias, right?) in the past 50 years has happened in a Gun Free Zone.
Let's End The List, and remove schools as targets for crazy people in search of defenseless targets. Most of my principals were former military or police or whatever. Let's give them back access to the guns they were trusted to use, to protect those in their care. Let's allow teachers who want to engage in concealed carry. Instead of trying to pass laws that do NOTHING to prevent mass shootings that they just had waiting for some innocent blood to dance in to try and garner support, let's actually admit that something does not work and try something else.
I've got links to sources for any numbers I cite, but I'll need a bit of time to find everything and pull it together. Just had to get this rant about denial of reality off my chest.

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