Monday, October 13, 2014

Gurps vehicles

I just realized that I'm going to need to make railcars for GURPS Metro. I think I can just use jeeps out of high tech for surface transportation at least. There MIGHT be rules for a hand cranked railcar given that I can modify if I'm really really lucky.

Building things in GURPS vehicles is so bad that it requires the use of differential equations at times.

I really don't want to use GURPS Vehicles, but I want to have actual stats for things. I don't really want to have to build another book just to get usable rules


  1. Don't use them!

    If you have real stats, you have everything the rules would generate except acceleration.

    And that's one simple algebra formula.

    Vehicles is poorly organized, that makes it seem like the algebra is harder, but it's hardly calculus!

    Spreadsheets are your friend of you feel you must wear the hairshirt of GURPS:Vehicles.

    1. For ground vehicles it's alright, but I'm fairly certain you have to calculate the lift/bouyancy based on the size of the wings/hull, while factoring their weight in. If I recall, the equation they gave was the solved differential equation for lift. I had the misfortune to attempt to build a player a ground effect flybike.

      If I can just handwave it with a bit of googling, I totally will, although that doesn't give me things like DR and rules for derailing and such. Although... I might be able to find those and fudge from Steampunk, which was much less annoying about things, now that I think of it.

      I also can't seem to find my GURPS vehicles book, which is a blessed relief almost. GURPS vehicles could be so good if they actually did just a bit of simplification (They give rules for things like space per occupant, but give no frame of reference. The whole point of a book of that sort is to include such information, X cubic feet for cramped, Y for average, and Z for luxurious, etc)

    2. Although, now I'm finding weights, and if nothing else I can use the rules for DR/HP based on material and weight out of Basic Set. Any armor will just be applied as armor anyway, wood and steel and stuff out of the Cover tables, so I guess I DON'T need to use GURPS vehicles... thank god.