Monday, January 19, 2015

Upcoming Convention; Need Cosplay Ideas

Anime convention rolling into town again. I plan to go, and must now do the standard last minute cosplay selection and build.

Options thus far are;
Batou, from Ghost in the Shell. Went over well last year, and this year I'm waaay tankier than I was last year due to being out of shape from my surgeries. Also, people will actually recognize me because they released a new Ghost in the Shell. Galdern kids these days.

Guts, from Berserk. Specifically, the Golden Age arc, where his armor and sword are both fairly simple. Unfortunately I haven't seen the series. I'll also look very similar to Ike, from the Fire Emblem series, which is ANOTHER thing I haven't seen, unfortunately. The latter is more likely to be recognized than the former.

A MOON MARINE. Because space armor, and a high quality OC costume still generally goes over well.

I'm open to suggestions of tall, manly characters from games and animation. Alternatively, I'm not afraid to show some skin, and am willing to do ridiculous things if they strike my fancy.

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