Monday, February 9, 2015

Motor Monday: RPG edition

Most RPG characters start with a theme. I was invited to take part in a Shadowrun campaign not long after completing my motorcycle course, and the capability and low price for performance of a motorcycle just seemed right. Top that off with a real identity that needed hiding (something few shadowrunners have!), and a tendency to be in trouble, and the idea of a motorcycle riding gunslinger wearing heavy biker armor and a helmet was a natural one.

Meet Biker, better known as Norman Schultz, retired Combat Biker, motorcycle racer, and now mechanic, specializing in vehicle modifications for metahumans who have difficulty fitting normal vehicles (He's a dwarf, because they're my preferred standard fantasy race). With color changing and morphing armor to allow him to live his double life, his signature style and blinding speed both on and off his bike have earned him a reputation in his short time taking jobs. But what would a man known as "biker" be without his bike?

The Yamaha Rapier, an affordable street bike, built for performance and handling without breaking the bank. Norman's is a nice bright orange normally, and switches to a blood red when he's out on business as Biker. Let's do some digging, shall we? Just about everything in Shadowrun is extrapolated from current products, such as the Beretta 201T he's wielding, which is simply a Beretta 93R, futurized. No doubt we can find at least some inspiration from one of the various maker's, most likely back in the 80s when Shadowrun was kicked off.

Ding ding ding, I believe we have a winner. Long, angled seat, minimalist sides, and fixed front fairing? Our first contender for "what did they base this on?" is the Yamaha Seca Turbo. To be fair, the body shape wasn't too unusual for 80s bikes in my brief research.

I'll have more details on the character and a picture of his custom bike when I have time to draw it all up.

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