Monday, February 23, 2015

Motor Monday: Two Wheel Safety, the future is now

Something brought to my attention that motorcycle airbags are starting to become a thing nearly. So I did some looking into it. Boy howdy is it neat, I do believe it may be the final straw that helps me decide whether I want a traditional bike or not.

First, an overview of the tech
They take a look at the various versions available, and a glance at statistics from safety tests. Who knew, motorcycle parts that make safety testing worthwhile!
Another overview, with a bit of video to boot.
Further details on the Honda Goldwing's airbag. Pretty much all motorcycle crashes fall into one of two categories, head on because you either failed to turn enough, lost control in the turn, or someone pulled in front of you. If you were going to slide forward and slam into something, hooray extra jumbo airbag!

I want one. I'm not sure if I want a goldwing, but I want that airbag. I want one that can be mounted just like a tank-bag. The sensors wouldn't be hard to wire in yourself. If nobody will make one (seriously Honda, you're like 90% of the way there. The airbag is the hard part, making one that will go on anything is easy as hell because you can literally just mount it in a tank bag. If you don't or aren't already working on it, I'll do it myself).
And some more details on the wearable airbags from a few makers. Alpinestar also makes some, but I'm a grump and don't like any of the styles they have aesthetically, which is bad because if I buy a motorcycle jacket I'm wearing it all the freaking time.

One final note: Automatic bikes, or those with dual clutch systems. Again, a thing Honda's got a few of. I like it. There should be more of it. I'm sure there's no end of people to claim that it's not REALLY a motorcycle without a manual transmission, because having an old school system that can stall your bike when your life depends on having that power is a sign of MANLINESS. In my humble opinion, these people are welcome to take that glorious manual transmission and cram it up their ass. I've no problem with manual transmissions, and indeed am pondering several cars with them, but I do so fully admitting that they present an additional challenge to the safe operation of the vehicle, and add a potential failure point due to human error under extreme stress that may be the difference between life and death.

You can skip all the safety crap you want, but if your actions lead to someone else choosing not to use it where they otherwise might have? You deserve to pay any bills they wind up with that said safety equipment would have lessened or negated.

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  1. Cars are required to have airbags. The Fit has airbags, why wouldn't the car that's between the Fit and the Civic in size have them?