Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tech tuwhateversday: even more space and medtech

Apparently space tech and medtech are the only main things anybody pays attention to, so that's mostly what I find. A new spacesuit. Not a compression spacesuit that isn't huge and bulky, but it looks like something of an improvement over present tech, kind of. Can't really see making a militarized version of it at all, too goofy looking, but the "badass posing" picture at the bottom is highly amusing. Space solar power would be a fantastic resource, if we actually had the means of getting it set up. Still, fun to think about if only for particularly ultra-tech campaigns in games. and now for a solar powered spacedrone. Nobody's quite sure why it's there, but it appears to be working. Still, spacetech. Not particularly space related, but a reasonable solution for planetary maintenance. Still kinda neat. Get yourself a better brain through Science. neural interfaces for stuff. Handy as a jumping off point for no-surgery brain-controlled implanted computers (if you can just put the headband electrodes on/under the skin, rather than cracking the braincase open to stick wires in it? Waaay more consumer friendly), or mentally linked cyberware, or just the next step in game controls. Found these while talking about simsense and other such things with a friend.

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