Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Weekend wrap-up

Had a fantastic time paintballing. Scenario paintball is much different than regular games, it's a great big stand up brawl. This year our team The Horde's entire strategy was CHAAAAARGE, but we curbstomped the New Empire competition by 1340 to 145. Whenever they'd try to push to take territory, it was always a silent charge, no shooting, no yelling. Us? We roared and fired like madfolk, and the enemy VERY often ran when faced with a massed charge of maniacs. Sometimes there's nothing for it but quantity and crazy.

Nothing will test your fitness and how well you have your gear set up like running and fighting for 8 hours nearly straight. At least this year it was only in the 70s instead of 90s. I'm still pondering my big post on the training applications of paintball, but I'll get to that later when I can be bothered to do so.

I got to see the billboard that caused such a fuss, the slidefire one. Also got to try proper Chicago style hotdogs in the vicinity of Chicago. All in all, not a bad weekend.

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