Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tech tuesday: Raincheck and thoughts on technology in gaming

Ever since finding Pocket, it's been super easy to save tabs for later. I have copious amounts, enough that I might just use some (themed days) at a time to set some aside for slow weeks.

However, on the technology based theme, some thoughts I've had on tabletop gaming.

Did a one-shot of Shadowrun (Was supposed to be a full campaign, then things came up, as happens sometimes).

In this age of technology that has very nearly met up with the technology of science fiction, it makes it easier to truly utilize it. In that brief one-shot, it was perhaps the first game I've ever played, even of shadowrun, in which the technology was treated as simply a part of life, and utilized fully; in my past experiences, it has usually been "HEY, LOOOK, Looooook, crazy technology, SURE IS FUTURISTIC EH?".

For example, I was undercover (switching from my Shadowrunner identity of Biker to my Law Abiding Citizen, complete with a REAL SIN) so I could mingle at a party with friends from my old hometown in peace, and saw a bunch of gangers meeting up outside. Casually as you like, I used my trode-net Direct Neural Interface to send a text to the party (who don't know my real identity) that there was trouble brewing.

Casual as you like, the vehicle rigger pops into his car to take a look around with the sensors covertly, pops a minidrone over to take a listen and see if it's worth dealing with.

In previous games, even remembering "Wait, I have a commlink, I can just call/text/whatever people" has been a major ordeal (to be fair, in the last Shadowrun game I played, I had Gremlins 3, no skill in technology, and a default roll of 3. Basically, if I rolled a single 1, things went horribly wrong. I DID successfully argue that my Future AK was sufficiently idiotproof to be exempt from Gremlins, because freaking future AK)

Still, I have this feeling that as tech has become more integrated into our lives, and so close to what we always thing of as the future, it makes it easier to envision and casually use it in games.

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