Friday, December 26, 2014

Travel bleh

Going to Florida in a bit. Florida doesn't honor WI concealed carry permits. I don't believe I can get this corrected in time. I've never traveled with a gun anyway, so I guess I can kick that can down the way a bit.

On the plus side, FL knife laws are pretty lenient, although the bit of looking I'm doing indicates my ludicrous pocket-kukri is right on the borderline of questionable (the retention shaping and sheer size make it questionable). On the other hand, the good old fashioned Ti-Lite should be pretty much perfectly legal.

Maybe I'll bring my dive knife as well, because nothing says "I'm here to have a good time but don't screw with me" like a string bikini and a dive knife. Open Carry of whatever is good to go.


  1. Florida is more than happy to sell you one of our toter's permits.

    1. I'm sure, I've seen stuff to get one for ages. The question is if I can get everything handled by the 5th. Wasn't thinking about this until now, was one of those "wait, shit, I THINK Florida honors my permit, but I'm not sure, need to check that"