Thursday, February 20, 2014

Not a fan of DA/SA guns

And it seems I'm not the only one.

I like nice, consistant trigger pulls, never had anything but trouble with da/sa pulls. Either there's a silky smooth, perfect double action pull, and then the single action pulls have a mile of slack and only break in the last half of a millimeter of pull, or the double action pull is unbelievably terrible, but single action is nice and clean.

Only gun I've ever used that played nice with both was a rented .357 magnum revolver. I've used significantly more DA/SA guns than one, so that's not a very good record.

Basically, if you use something DA/SA, practice for it. Me? I'll stick with my Glock Brand Glock Safe Action Trigger.


  1. You've got your terminology a but muddled if you're thinking a double action .357 is DA/SA.

    Double action is a hoary old term that means the trigger both cocks the gun and fires it. The term single action comes AFTER double action, but actual single action guns predate double by decades if not centuries. Double action guns always have the option to cock it manually and allowing you to use the gun single action.

    DA/SA is a form of semi-auto and it works like you describe. Double action for the first shot and once the slide has cycled single action from then out.

    If your double action doesn't allow you to cock the hammer manually, you have a double action only gun; or DAO.

    Despite reams of ad copy, a Glock is a single action because it requires the slide to cycle to reset the trigger.

    1. Yeah, I was aware of the difference with the revolver, but it still kind of fits the bill. It's a trigger that works in both a double action manner and a single action manner. Not the same as DA/SA, but it IS the only trigger I've ever used that didn't make me absolutely despise it in at least one of those modes, so it seemed relevant to the topic.

  2. DA/SA is really a carry mode enabler. A long heavy pull on the first round so you can carry in your pocket without manual safeties then an acceptable trigger after that.

    That was the idea anyways. Like you noticed, lots of makers screw up the single action mode. My P232 was pretty decent with both pulls; but as you may have noticed on my posts, that's not what I carry anymore.