Sunday, February 9, 2014

Practice with Airsoft Replicas

Some airsoft guns are quite accurate to the weapons they mimic, although with slight dimensional differences for various legal reasons. Might not fit in a purpose-fit holster, but it'll otherwise be very similar in the hand to the real thing.

The downside of this is that range and accuracy aren't going to be great. I wish that airsoft guns used extended pellets that were weighted to fly like shotgun slugs for improved range and accuracy, similarly to how you can get First Strike paintball rounds, but sadly that is not the case. Even still, most of what you'll need the gun for, standard BBs will work just fine.

Key things to practice would be drawing and shooting, or point shooting. Of course, airsoft guns are commonly used for force-on-force practice in tactical courses.

Less easily used indoors version would be a real BB gun, that shoots metal bbs, or even better yet a repeating pellet pistol (significant boost in range and accuracy, I've shot out to nearly 50 yards with a pellet rifle). Trade off of realism for ease of practice.

I'll probably grab one of these to practice with, cheaper than a laser trainer, and can also be used to screw around with friends or do realistic training things involving shooting at other people.

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