Saturday, February 8, 2014

Well so much for that

As I suspected, bills used up most of the money that was going to become an AR-15. Thankfully, having guessed that would happen, I had not spent the money ON an AR-15, and as such had it handy with which to pay bills.

And so, that gets bumped slightly lower down the list, to be had after one of these job interviews turns into an actual job. At least then I don't have to worry about cost quite as much, and can save up to get something good instead of having a hard and fast limit of how much cash I have to work with.

However, now I've been thinking that it might be more prudent to fix up my carry gun.
It's a Glock, so not much needs to be done with it but there's still room for upgrades.
The first upgrade is better ammo. Purchased with pennies pinched during college, it's currently full of FMJs. Planning on grabbing a box of JHP for it when I get the chance. Probably grab a name brand box of golden somethingorother.

The sights seem to be one of the major complaints people have against Glock. I'm looking at the Advantage Tactical sights, although if I could get a tritium version that'd be even better (they do have a glow in the dark set at least).
My only worry is if it'll fit in my Glock Brand Glock Holster, which is pretty much designed for a stock Glock and that's it.

Wouldn't mind a laser sight on it, but I'd prefer something that can be automatically engaged/disengaged, but doesn't require a different holster. The guide rod one Erin Palette reviewed a while back sounds kind of good, although I like the double spring guide rod my Gen4 has.
I've contemplated light/laser combos, but don't like the extra size, so I think I'll just use the off-hand flashlight technique if I need a light. 

Maybe I'll get a grip plug, just because. Won't be getting a glockstock for a while, so that big opening there isn't particularly useful for anything.

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