Sunday, February 23, 2014

Post Convention Thoughts

Convention was quite a bit of fun, made me think of a couple things though.

First and foremost, I was reminded of how vastly superior my combat abilities are than most people. Took part in the Combat Cosplay Chess, which is basically where everybody gets assigned to represent a chess piece, and rather than just "go here, the other person leaves the board", you go up on stage and 'fight'. I was assigned to be the Queen, and won every fight I was slated for except against the enemy King (because obviously that would end the game early, although I took part in the final battle the first round). Watching everyone else attempt to act-fight was almost painful it was so bad, throughout the whole rest of the con I had people coming up to me and telling me that I was their favorite fighter. If I can track down video of it (which I know exists), I'll post it here. I played Boxer Batou, and knocked my opponents around a bit before arresting them (but mostly it's much more amusing than that, you'll just have to watch when it gets posted). Then, I went to a "Samurai Sword Class", and was driven mad by the degree to which people weren't picking up on the skills being presented to them.To be fair, this WAS an anime convention, so I wouldn't be surprised if that made them even less capable than most, but every time I see people fight that aren't martial artists, they're just so bad it hurts.

Second, I went to a very interesting panel on the history of beer and brewing in Japan. There's nothing in particular beyond that to this bit of the post, other than the guy had a book he was working on based on the research. It's interesting if you enjoy beer and learning facts about things.

Third, I finally found a sticker I'm willing to put on my car. It's a Euro-style oval sticker, with SEC-9 on it (go go ghost in the shell). Low profile enough to not get a second glance by anyone not cool/lame enough to know of the show. I'm hoping by the time I'm debt free, I will be able to find a nice Focus ST for a good price (lots of power, waaaay lower profile than a similarly priced Mustang for fairly similar performance, and good economy).

Fourth, this is a week past, because I had a severe case of "can't be arsed", with a side of con crud. Which is weird, because I basically never get sick normally. 

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