Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Farming character points

Building up ST, DX, working on IQ with the job, HT tends to come with general healthy living, so that's coming along too. Working on getting back my Combat Reflexes after too long of a hiatus without anything fun and exciting to keep them up all the way. Fit is on its way back, and I'll retrain my limited DR back. Bones should still be hardened properly, that doesn't go away so easily, but I've lost a few points of Karate and Karate (sport). Wouldn't mind working on wrestling/judo a bit more, if I can find someplace more real world. Guns, I can finally work on Guns properly now that I can conceivably afford ammo. Obviously Engineer (mechanical) will be going up with job experience. And of course, investing some points into buying off that bit of debt...

You lose a hell of a lot of character points when you aren't allowed to do things, if you're the type who semi-obsessively works for self improvement.

Feels good to start getting them back.

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