Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I have a couple of great big neck scars from surgeries. One might get opened up one last time to reattach a muscle that either didn't get reattached or came unhooked almost immediately upon me being stitched up.

I kind of like them. But I heal fast. I never develop ugly, rough scar tissue, no matter what the wound. It fades away and turns back into normal skin in 2-5 years, depending on how huge the injury was. I don't expect these fancy neck scars to last long.

These neck scars, and the holes for the chest tube below them, however, look like angry eyebrows. I don't much care for that. So I think I want to get something subtle done to decorate them. A very thing, scar-tissue red line over the body of the scars (also to make them match), and then a little something else.

I'm quite partial to tribal tattoos, but I'd want something that A) means something and is earned (done, at least for the start, by virtue of it growing out of giant scars), and B) is related to a culture I actually have ties to, which pretty much limits it to German. Other ideas include Frankenstein stitching and zippers.

Any other thoughts? Subtle and symmetric are key. When I can be bothered, I might take a picture so people can see what said scars look like.

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