Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tech Thursday; megadump

To make up for the past few weeks of not having much, apparently the internet decided to dump a crapload of interesting content on me and now it's taking up all my browser tabs. I was busy Tuesday and couldn't be bothered. This is a big one, usually internal damage is basically permanent. Nothing on the inside of the body can really heal except for the liver. Even if it's just part of the body being revamped, it's still a heck of a first step. Jet Booster bar. There is nothing that cannot be improved by jets/rockets. I look forward to all of the terrible stupid awesome things that people use these for. And the actual good ideas (like powered parachuting) Still not all the way to the free-floating holograms, but at least people are trying. Still cool. miniature roomba printer. I wonder if they have anything in there to keep it from driving off the paper and inking all over other things? These would be really nice when it's rainy out and all the lines on the road nearly vanish in the dark. More work on video contacts. I still think that the first version of a cyberbrain will be an implanted computer linked wirelessly to earbuds and contact lenses. More work on solar panels that aren't terrible and in the way. Solar's great, if it isn't expensive and space consuming.

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