Sunday, April 6, 2014

US Medical System

Definitely needs some manner of reforms. For example, with my first surgery, a bunch of muscle in my neck either never got hooked back up during surgery or came unhooked almost immediately thereafter. My neck was super tight and painful to use for anything on that side, so I suspect it never got reattached because they had a LOT of trouble with me (any time they tried to dial the anesthesia back to where they could work on me I'd start to wake up).

So, I have a problem that is pretty much exclusively the fault of the hospital. However, because of how the US medical system works, I get to pay if I want to make them fix it. That doesn't fly in just about any other industry.

I'm really hoping it doesn't get classified as a cosmetic surgery, because my neck feels wrong every time I notice it, and the spot in my neck where muscle should be is really noticeable, and I'm completely out of shape right now (when I'm in shape, I'll just have an enormous gap, because I always wind up with a lot of neck muscle).

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