Monday, August 18, 2014

Fitness and things

Finally (almost) caught up on sleep, and have been looking at local gyms, because there's a certain type of workout you can't get any other way than lifting heavy things repeatedly.

I've just purchased a fitness sledgehammer, and found a place to begin developing the workout from, the Hindu Mace Workout. I've also collected my little hand maul, which will be getting a matching partner, for modified Indian Club Training.

The purpose of the hammer workout is, in addition to building muscle, to build dexterity and train in the basics of one and two handed axe/mace fighting. Among the additional workouts I've determined will be included are a series of horizontal swings, an exercise I'll be calling Love Taps that amounts to quick defensive swings that keep the weapon in control enough to block with, and a broad, figure eight stroke that is PHENOMENAL for basically the entire body, and helps you practice keeping the weapon in motion.

Work on GURPS Metro is slow, but will be resuming soon. I've been on a creative kick, getting back into drawing and writing and crafting and such things, which has been taking up time that would otherwise be used to grind through all the gun stat building. From there, I just have Life in the Metro, Metro Medicine, and a bunch of updating earlier works, before I can collect everything into a single worldbook. I'll have to try to tweak things to allow it to be run with more variance in magic (more available, no mana vs. low, etc) and psionics (again, allowed vs. not), and world (fantasy variety bucket world or not). Not sure where I'll put it when it's done, but it'd be great to have all this work pay off for more than one game, I'd love to hear about someone else running a game of it, even if they only use bits and pieces (improved character sheet, even more general purpose gun list, punktech equipment, etc).

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