Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The problem with point shooting

Point shooting is a very useful thing to be able to do. Under stress, it's exceptionally hard to use your sights, and very few people are fast enough to actually do so without substantial amounts of practice.

Thankfully, a lifetime of laser tag, nerf guns, light gun games, paintball, airsoft, and what have you have made me a superb point shooter. I can even dual wield, firing at one or multiple targets in a close cone effectively, with basically no loss of accuracy (double dominant eyes helps here, both hands aim properly at what I attempt to point at). So, what I'm saying is I have no problems with point shooting.

Except when you put a proper gun in my hands. I can't not aim. Part of it's simple practice. Making it to the range is kind of a rarity, so when I do it I want to make every shot count. I also tend to shoot at longer ranges, and don't practice much at defensive range.

I'm hoping that my glock training barrel that's in the mail that just arrived will help me with that, eventually I'll be getting a laser bore insert and one of those laserlyte glow target things.

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