Sunday, August 10, 2014

Stanley Fitness Equipment

Was recently looking at gyms and fitness centers, and various other workout regimens to perform, and was reminded of Indian Club Exercises. Thinking about those reminded me of the effectiveness of good old fashioned WORK. Until I was 18, I never worked out at the gym, yet I had more useful muscle than a great many people who could bench/squat/curl two to four times what I could. Why? I always got my workout while doing work around my grandparent's house or the family cabin, splitting wood, chopping down trees the old fashioned way, hauling logs, and the like. I didn't have much in the way of lifting ST, but I had Striking ST for days (further compounded and trained with lots and lots of martial arts of the purely striking variety).

So, combined with a recently made character who fights with a war maul, I thought "hmm, I bet there's a sledgehammer workout. Swinging all that weight around at the end of a stick takes a lot of muscle"

A bit of googling and what do I find? Just about every sledgehammer workout is basically just "get a sledgehammer and an old tractor tire, and smack the latter with the former a bunch until you get tired".

So, I decided to experiment. A bit of cursory testing indicates that you can get a VERY intense workout, even with just a 6 or 8 lb head sledgehammer. I plan to combine it with a ~40 lb weighted training vest, and add in some more standard Indian club exercises with a 2 lb head engineer hammer. So far it's enormously effective on the core, back, and shoulders, with a fair bit on the arms, but limited targetting of the legs. A few more exercises and the added weight of the vest should round it out. On top of it all, it'll give some reasonable training for Ace/Mace weapons, at least of the unwieldy/very unwieldy variety.

I think I'll call it the Dwarven Exercise Regimen.

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