Saturday, August 2, 2014

More Motorcycles

Class is going alright. I'm having a little trouble with some stuff, but it's mostly due to moderately severe sleep deprivation and heat exhaustion. Still, I've pretty much got it, and tomorrow I get to practice more stuff.

Hot DAMN do you feel tiny and exposed on a bike, I'd forgotten about that from the time I tried out riding a moped. I don't know how anyone could deem it a good idea to ride a motorcycle without this level of learning first (even the guy who already has a motorcycle and rides with his learner's permit agreed). The fact that plenty of people DO explains part of why motorcycling is so dangerous (idiots on the road account for a substantial portion too, of course).

I think, if I ever get a bike, I will consider it as a ground-based version of Skydiving, with marginally more useful applications.

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