Monday, August 4, 2014

Motorcycle License: Achieved

Finished the class, written portion was a breeze as expected. Just have to hit up the DMV and take a cursory 20 question test to get my permit to then unlock the full motorcycle endorsement on my license. My mom thinks it's kind of cool since I can drive the Elio when it comes out, but was very firmly against me ever riding a proper motorcycle. I'm kind of torn on the whole "regular motorcycle" thing, because it's fun, but it IS dangerous, and there's no two ways around that.

If I can get access to a proper motorcycle (which would most likely have to be my own), I can start tinkering with trying to make things safer, and potentially make all the money if I can figure THAT out. At the moment my computer is attempting to melt itself to death, so picking up someone's old used bike will be somewhere down the line (if at all) from getting something new to play with. Still need to pick up my AR-15 too.

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