Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bring me your home-made guns

Finally getting back into it to finish up GURPS Metro: Weapons, but I'm planning an Addendum post with specific models and examples. I'm also planning a "Here's why gun control doesn't work, look at all these guns made despite total gun control. Stop being an idiot, guns have existed for 1000 years, and aren't going away no matter how hard you wish for it." post.

I've got plenty of links from The Firearm Blog for some nice compilations, but if anyone has some other links lying around to some good rough-hewn guns, that'd be fantastic for both purposes.

SMGs and Shotguns in particular, but old fashioned or improvised rifles, pistols, and anything else are good.


  1. For better examples do some searching for "tool room prototypes".

    Those are what happens when there's no laws about such things and the most talented are motivated to make better guns. The stuff in Metro is actually TOO clunky.

    1. Interesting, I'll definitely have to look into that.

      I know how unnecessarily clunky it is in Metro 2033. The main guns will be rebranded STEN/M3/MP40/etc type things, or uzis and the like for the improved versions. Tool room prototypes will definitely show up as one offs, often as Fine quality variants of whatever type of gun. The base guns are supposed to be whatever was kludged together immediately after the fall to hold back the tide of horrors with a wall of bullets, and just kind of became the standard tooling. Not the best, but stupid easy to make, and good enough in most cases.