Thursday, September 4, 2014


"Next time, on the harrowing adventures of... THE MOON MARINE! The Mars Men are invading, and only the Moon Marine stands between them and conquest? Will our hero prevail? And what of the machinations of the Moonanites?! Find out next time, on, THE MOON MARINE"

There's a business on the way up to the family cabin in the north woods of Wisconsin, called Moon Marine. It screamed ~30s pulp radio drama to me, and I was looking for things to draw at the time (was riding in the car).

If I run the raygun gothic/dieselpunk space campaign I want to at some point, this is pretty much going to be the party's standard armor and armament. 

I picture that space SMG as being chambered in something like a .30 carbine optimized for shorter barrels, or something similar. Great big capacity per magazine (Enlistment poster, actual Moon Marines will have pouches and packs and such), power just shy of intermediate caliber, probably with AP rounds standard because space. Possibly also tracers, because futuristicy.

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