Thursday, September 18, 2014

Employment and Arffteens

So, my job for the past ~5.75 months isn't sure they'll be renewing my contract or hiring me. I got very little feedback from bosses, even when I asked for it, and it took about a month and a half to get my mid-contract performance review from when I tried (Which is to say, moderately early in the 3 month contract so I could fix any issues, and work on job applications if need be). Finally, I was informed "well, there were some problems and you're not quite to where we'd hoped you'd be, not that anyone bothered to tell you anything. I guess I'll keep evaluating for the last 3 weeks of your contract and see"

Whenever I managed to get my bosses to tell me anything, it was generally positive, or minor issues that I moved to correct. I wasn't aware that I had to hunt them down and browbeat them into actually giving me a decent review of how I was doing. Until now, I've been used to a lot of minimum wage jobs where they'd inform/threaten to fire you for the slightest flaw, such as talking with co-workers while you worked (when both you and your co-worker are ahead of the rest of the assembly line by a significant degree)

That said, I've been saving up as a contingency. If I have solved the issues, chief among them the fact that I'm a very quiet person, a portion of this saved up dosh will be converted to the AR-15 I've been meaning to buy for ages. Everything says now's the time to buy. If I haven't, I'll use the savings to get through until I find another job, and THEN I'll be picking up my rifle. Or "pistol", if the stupid part of my brain wins out and successfully convinces me that an AR pistol with a "wrist brace" is anything other than a terrible unnecessary idea.

Planned build, as much a I have it planned, is as follows:
LW-15 Lower Receiver
Mid length gas system Dissipator upper, either Magpul furniture or rails with rail guards. Flat top.
GripPod VFG
Light/Laser Combo, rail mounted.
Either a red dot + (eventual) magnifier, or a 1-4x scope. I'm good with irons, long sight radius due to dissipator will help.
Sling, to be determined (haven't looked at what's around in a while)
Magpul 40 rd magazines
(eventually) compact suppressor, probably A1 flash hider until then.
Battery Assist Device, possibly.

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