Wednesday, September 17, 2014

SBR question

As I've mentioned previously, I have an unwarranted love of SMGs and similar such things. Owning a Glock, and often seeing things with the various flavors of GlockStock, I kind of want one. Better yet, I have thoughts for my own.

Problem is, NFA bullshit with SBRs. Also, the fact that to put a stock on a gun, you must turn that gun into the SBR, getting it a new serial number, and only being able to use the stock on said gun.

What I want to do, if possible, is register the stock itself as the SBR. I know that there are bits of machine guns, such as autosears, full auto conversion bolts, and the like, which have their own serial number and paperwork, conferring their legal MG status to any gun into which they are placed.

Something to ponder for a bit down the road when I start shelling out for tax stamps and jumping the flaming hoops, if those are still necessary.


  1. You have to register the serialed part. On a Glock that's the frame.

    You don't have to give it a new serial number. You do have to engrave the name of the new maker on the serialed part. On a Glock that's the tricky bit.

    Name and location of the original maker in 4a, SBR in 4b, caliber in 4c, original model number in 4d, barrel length in 4e, overall length with stock in 4f and original serial number in 4g.

    1. Alright, that's about what I suspected was the case, but not what I hoped (but isn't that ever the case with the BATFE?). Having to engrave on the Glock frame was one of the bits I was hoping to avoid, on top of being able to use the stock with multiple guns, such as the 10mm auto I want, assuming it's not the rest of the way to "dead caliber" by the time I've purchased the rest of the guns on my list that come before more handguns.

      On the plus side, it'll be several years before I hit that point, probably, and unless all the NFA crap goes away before then, another 6 months to a year from when I finally start the process.

  2. That SIG brace thing that a stock but not a stock will go on any stock adaptor for your Glock that will accept a mil-spec AR stock.

    It remains a pistol if you use that SIG brace.

    1. I had thought of that, but wasn't sure if needing an adapter in the midst left it still not a stock. For the Glocks, I'd actually rather they be SBRs, if I could manage that without having to try to engrave the plastic. If I can shoulder it, I'm going to want two hands on it in separate places, and that means a VFG, because poor-man's TMP/MP9.

      I was pondering something like a Krinkov or other 5.45x39 pistol (5.45 preferable to 5.56, because everything I've heard says you can get down to a shorter barrel with 5.45 before you start to drastically lose power), and wondering about the legality with an adapter.

      Meanwhile the stupid part of my brain keeps whispering "You want an AR, just buy the 'pistol' with the brace. You know you want to".