Saturday, July 26, 2014

Drills and pocket pistols

Of the training variety, specifically dry fire. Anybody got some good ones? I'm probably going to pick up a training barrel for my Glock in a bit, since my present apartment doesn't really have any good safe directions (Previous apartment was halfway underground, and had walls not shared with other apartments (empty storage).

I'm also pondering a pocket pistol, because despite being 6'3" tall and just shy of 200 lbs, a glock 17 isn't exactly dainty. Leaning towards a PF9 or a Glock 26, to take advantage of having a bunch of 9mm glock magazines already. Going to be getting the BF his carry permit shortly, and the PF9 is half the price of the Glock 26, and smaller and slimmer to boot. Open to other suggestions, or I wouldn't be asking. Boberg is nice but weird. If I get something that isn't 9mm, I'd totally dig 10mm auto in a pocket pistol, because I don't mind recoil and want a Noisy Cricket.

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